Is group editing better in 6.5 than in 6.0.6?

It’s great that with Cubase 6 we finally got the possibility to edit (trim, cut, fade etc.) several audio tracks together, without having to manually select all of them.

Personally, I think the group editing feature has one serious weak spot though: Unless all of the tracks you want to edit together are of the exact same sample length, group editing will fail. Sometimes, I get sessions to mix where not all drum tracks are of the exact same length. I would still like to be able to cut out and move certain notes or hits on all tracks simultaneously. I seriously don’t understand why this is not possible. If you group a few tracks in Pro Tools, and you cut one of them, the cut is applied to all tracks that have audio clips at the positon of the cut. I think it should be the same in Cubase.

I am wondering if this behavior has changed with Cubase 6.5?

You don’t need group edit to cut several tracks at the same time/place.

Anyway when you get tracks in group edit that pop up the fail message, all you need to do is to cut (with snap to zero off) the start and or end at the shortest track (making them all the same length) and they’ll all be fine again.

And that goes for cutting a small part in group edit and moving them, switch off cross at zero.

Yes, that’s what I usually do. But imagine one of the drum tracks is a tom track that’s been cut with the “detect silence” function. This means that there’s a couple of audio clips on this track. Now, if I want to edit the tom breaks I need to select one of the other drums tracks, then bounce the tom track so it is the same length as the other tracks. This kind of sucks. So this hasn’t changed with Cubase 6.5?

I see, No it’s still the same.