Is H4 missing fade in/out?

I can’t find any possibility to change the fade in/out time of the samples loaded in the wave editor. I’m not talking about crossfades when looping a sample, only the possibility to trim fade in/out envelopes at the start/end point of a sample.

For anyone buying a sampler, this is an important question I’d guess.

Yikes! I would assume the same! Unless you are missing something, this is a huge oversight on Steinberg’s part. I thought I saw videos where you could drag the handles for the fade in and fade out just like audio parts from within Cubase. Anyone else confirm if this is the case or is Steinberg going to hopefully see into this for a future update.

I too can’t find a way to use fades in my samples?
Any advice?

Unfortunately we are told we must use the envelope for that function. I hate it too. The envelope can obtain such a response, but it is not nearly as quick and easy as dragging a fade in/fade out handle on the waveform itself of the sample tab. I was really hoping for draggable handles we could visually see over the waveform itself. I am still hoping, but certainly not expecting and won’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen.