Is Hal SonicSE only instrument capable of note expession?

Just upgrading…

Is Halion Sonic SE ONLY instrument capable of note expression?


yes with HALion Sonic & HALion 4 for now

Sad about that, all my orchestral packages cant uise it - Ah well!

Well, you can “kinda” use Note Expression on regular CC# data, but that is only really useful where there are no overlapping notes (and that includes chords of course), because CC# data is per channel, not per note (apart from polyphonic aftertouch).

Page 439 of the Cubase 6 Manual explains how you can use note expression data on a VSTi that is not VST3 but is multi-timbral. In a nutshell, it sends simultaneous notes to different MIDI channels so they can each have their own paramenters.

Off topic… Is it possible to post an image directly to the forum? I know you can post a link to an image but is there a certain type of graphics file or a size limit that will allow a direct image paste to the forum without a “dropbox”?