Is HALion 7 just a myth?

Can somebody from Steinberg please confirm that HALion 7 is in active development and its going to be released this year.

I am asking because UVI Falcon 2.8 is currently on sale. Should I wait for HALion 7 or just buy Falcon?


In one of the latest cubase session with Greg Ondo, one could see that he had Halion 7 on the active licences in his software licensing Steinberg app :wink::wink: So it must be beta for now!

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My guess is: over a month away but probably before Christmas.

Halion was recently mentioned in an interview about Steinberg Licensing. Make of that what you will.

HALion will be the next major product to switch to Steinberg Licensing as the primary licensing system

Nothing sooner then November 7th I guess due to Nuendo and WaveLab sale opportunities. :disappointed:

With such a long wait, it must be something giant :frowning: :upside_down_face:

Greg Ondo said that the entire engine has been reworked, then creating sounds for such a monster takes quite some time.

About the upgrade cost…what do you guys think?

I think it’s gonna come in at $199. Halion update is gonna be $149. Intro offer of course.


Historically, the update price for new Halion versions (except Halion 2) has always been $99. I assume that Steinberg will be sticking to that.

That would be nice but my fear is they are going to raise the prices due to artificially driven inflation.

Probably the same as with Cubase 12. Tax for moving to Steinberg Licensing.

They were quite generous with WaveLab 11, but they definitely made us pay with Cubase 12.

I’m on Absolute 5, though, and I basically don’t use any of it because it’s not portable and I don’t have spare USB Ports to dedicate to a dongle on my Laptop (I’m already using a passive splitter to accommodate other things). There was just no room, so I started replacing components of Absolute with competing products and just don’t need much of it anymore.

I think if there was at least an active conversation/communication about it, I may have held off. But this wishing and waiting game is not my cup of tea.


It’s weird you can’t just ask them to transfer your licenses to the cloud. Surely that is an option.


Yeah, owning Steinberg’s Synths has been somewhat dismaying compared to my Tone2 synths or others I have. Steinberg has usually had this pattern where they only give you “features” if you pay them for it.

They show up when they release a major version. Apologize for not being active. We all give them our money then it’s “poof” all over again. Like the Charlie Brown Special.

Blockhead. SpiderMix

License type are tied to application versions.

This is why even the WaveLab 11.1 update required people to redeem a voucher code to move the license over.

Probably the same as with Cubase 12. Tax for moving to Steinberg Licensing.

Yeah, I stopped using Cubase at version 6 and moved to Logic. The sale they offered was just too good to pass up. I think I paid $149! That’s not too shabby. Don’t use Cubase 12 because of the confusing interface…but it’s there!


I don’t find Cubase any more or less confusing than Studio One or Logic, frankly. But maybe v6 was different. I didn’t use Cubase back then.

I’m not saying it’s necessarily “confusing”…just not easy to get your head around. Like for example the Inspector in Cubase VS Logic is AWFUL. You have to tab like 5 different things just to see inserts and sends…etc.

I have NO idea why we can’t have a better Inspector like Logic.


the new falcon is really very very cool. the possibilities with the arpeggiator are great. the effects too. the operation is also a little less fiddly than with Halion 6.

November is basically here and still no Halion 7 grace period announcement!?
C’mon, S-berg start that will you…

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I’ve been trying to download the Halion 6 trial but I don’t receive the link while I DO get the emails for all other trials. I believe they took the trial off to prepare for Halion 7. AFAIR they did the same before.
Can’t be long…