Is HALion 7 just a myth?

activation server get ready! :grin:

Oh, oh. Here comes the feeding frenzy.

I’m excited to see what is coming. However, since I have a HALion Sonic 2 license on one USB-eLicenser, a HALion 5 license on another, and a HALion 6 license on yet another, I will probably hold off on an instant purchase. Unless, of course, Steinberg offers an upgrade/update discount right off the bat. Highly unlikely, but one never knows.

Actually, I’ll probably not be able to resist … :hot_face:

Direct link to the KVR H7 leak -HALion 7 - Instruments Forum - KVR Audio

No mention of Halion Sonic 4…

The nature of the beast , ive been jumping off the update path for 20 years , moaning , complaining , causing riots and then i sleep walk with my wallet to the checkout button …and in the morning when i awake …NOOOOO it’s happened again !!! :rofl: :upside_down_face: :+1: :heart:

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Welcome HALion 7!! :musical_keyboard: :musical_note: :notes: :rofl:


Oh, page has been updated… It’s HERE!!! :slight_smile:

German trainer has trailer out too if anyone wants a peek at the interface:

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Halion 7… well. It does not include more than an FM synthesizer and a guitar library as a novelty in instruments. But it includes many clearly interesting new features. At the level of new sounds added it is somewhat disappointing, but at the level of features I think they have fulfilled (although I’m not sure if much, taking into account that they are 6 years apart from the previous version). At the user interface level I don’t see anything particularly different, short of investigating.

Now, Absolute 6… is this a joke? They have done nothing more than change the Halion 6 to the Halion 7. Period. Not an extra instrument for Halion (compared to version 5), not an expansion or a paltry new Style for Groove Agent (compared to version 5), not a simple expansion for Padshop or Retrologue added… NOTHING. Anyway…

All the 80’s Fm algo’s uummmm living on nostalgia there i think , not exactly ground breaking .
The new mod matrix looks like it could make things simpler to modulate and the spectral Osc does sound good but worth £85 just for another Yammy Fm synth ? not really .
The mediabay attached on the right looks a bit annoying , the home page concept ? Undecided .
Will see how this one pans out and grab it in the sales just to stay up to date

It’s the same cost to update from from H6 to H7 as it is to update from Absolute 5 to 6, at least. I’d rather this option than have to wait another 6-9 months for Absolute life cycle to come around again so I could get H7 and go dongle-less.

Does seem a bit sucky to be paying for the new licensing, however - That’s my primary reason to update… But i’ll see what the FM synthesis is like later when i’ve finished work… I really like the montage so doubt I will be disappointed.

It’s mad that you can buy, download and use it yet there’s no announcement here though!

100% this, for me.

$99 just to move it off the dongle. Absolute 6 doesn’t really offer much value and if you already have FM8 the FM Lab isn’t really giving you something you don’t already have.

I do like some of the UI improvements. new Media Bay looks nice. Wish it didn’t require another bloatware installation on my computers, though. I’m guessing that will come to Cubase soon…

I stopped using HALion when i started traveling more and avoiding the dongles in my laptop.

I might wait to see if it gets more ecosystem traction. If not ill prolly abandon it.

I didn’t feel the urge to impulse buy, though…

Do HALion Sonic 3, SE, HALion 6 remain on your system or does HALion 7 overwrite everything. I’ve been burned in the past by other software, new versions over write the previous version.

I did not find anything that says HALion versions can be run side by side and since HALion SE is replaced, I would like to know if SE will remain or if it gets removed.

Has anyone update from Absolute 5 to 6 yet?

Yes I finally managed to upgrade to Absolute 6. HALion 7 will not overwrite everything. HS7 is separate program.

HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 6 replaced by HALion 7 and HALion Sonic 7.
HALion Sonic SE 3.3.0 standalone is still available, but not visible anymore inside Cubase VST Plug-in Manager

There are now 3 HALions:
HALion 7, HALion Sonic 7 Collection and HALIon Sonic 7. You can comper editions here:

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Thank you for the feedback. I’ll probably update later.

Totally onboard with this. I was hoping for more for a version jump. Yikes!

Amadeus e.d.p.

Wow…to be honest…I’m a little underwhelmed? I just expected more. I wouldn’t update at ALL but my Mac Studio and Logic don’t like V6. This was a long wait for so little.

Amadeus e.d.p.

SE has been replaced by Halion Sonic 7. Mine’s gone from the Download Assistant, and Im downloading Sonic 7 now… I couldn’t really decipher from the comparison on the website whether this new version is more of a ‘lite’ Halion or just a player like Sonic SE was so might as well check it out…