Is HALion 7 just a myth?

I can’t wait anymore, i hope Halion 7 will be released in a few months and not by year 2250!.

The Synth engine needs a big overhaul, and much
much better oscillators, with many new synth features.


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That was my discount offer from them. I’m not sure what dropped it so low honestly. Just a few weeks ago my offer was $149 and I was ready to jump on it, but when I went to buy it last week, the offer was gone. I guess they were preparing for the Black Friday sales. I bought it instantly when I saw $49. I only owned the Space Echo plugin, but I did have all the freebies they gave away over the years like the Moog filter, Juno Chorus, the plate reverb and the Tape Mello thing. Also own V8/V9 collection along with Pigments too so I assume that all helps. I saw a few folks that got it for $50, others had offers for $69. I had no idea it was $400 normally hah!

Don’t sleep on Rev Intensity, the envelope follower is incredible. If you don’t know much about it this is well worth a watch:
Arturia - Rev Intensity

I wasn’t even aware it could do such wonders until seeing that vid. That’s the trouble when you get stuff in a bundle sometimes. On it’s own this is well worth $49 for sound design.


I have really wanted to get the SEM/Matrix filters along with the Culture Vulture, but just one of those plugs by itself was more than even my $150 offer. I saw the discount while I was at work last week and had to stop what I was doing and sign in and buy it right away haha.

I got ‘lucky’ and got COVID at the end of last week too so looks like I’ll get to try out that ‘new’ reverb in a bit since Im at home now haha.

I created a thread here, please contribute

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A lot are eq, dynamics, etc. Not quite the collection of creative FX I was expecting, honestly. More like a T-RackS Lite of sorts.

I’ve T-Racks Max and FX Collection is far more creative, compare tape plugins to Mello-Fi. Arturia has more extremity in regards to artifacts for sound design, and it’s a third of the latency of T-Racks which makes it easy to slap on a live input.

T-Racks has nothing like Rev Intensity’s env follower options, or the sheer soundscape of Fragments.

I guess it depends where you are in the creative sphere really. A metal head isn’t going to fall head over hells with FX Collection for sure! :slight_smile:

probably need to wait for this Absolute 5 sale to end before they announce Halion 7?

this is taking suspiciously longer than it needs to be

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The sale is over but still no news. This is very disappointing. :frowning_face:

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