Is HALion 7 just a myth?

I can’t wait anymore, i hope Halion 7 will be released in a few months and not by year 2250!.

The Synth engine needs a big overhaul, and much
much better oscillators, with many new synth features.


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That was my discount offer from them. I’m not sure what dropped it so low honestly. Just a few weeks ago my offer was $149 and I was ready to jump on it, but when I went to buy it last week, the offer was gone. I guess they were preparing for the Black Friday sales. I bought it instantly when I saw $49. I only owned the Space Echo plugin, but I did have all the freebies they gave away over the years like the Moog filter, Juno Chorus, the plate reverb and the Tape Mello thing. Also own V8/V9 collection along with Pigments too so I assume that all helps. I saw a few folks that got it for $50, others had offers for $69. I had no idea it was $400 normally hah!

Don’t sleep on Rev Intensity, the envelope follower is incredible. If you don’t know much about it this is well worth a watch:
Arturia - Rev Intensity

I wasn’t even aware it could do such wonders until seeing that vid. That’s the trouble when you get stuff in a bundle sometimes. On it’s own this is well worth $49 for sound design.


I have really wanted to get the SEM/Matrix filters along with the Culture Vulture, but just one of those plugs by itself was more than even my $150 offer. I saw the discount while I was at work last week and had to stop what I was doing and sign in and buy it right away haha.

I got ‘lucky’ and got COVID at the end of last week too so looks like I’ll get to try out that ‘new’ reverb in a bit since Im at home now haha.

I created a thread here, please contribute

Can we talk about how annoying Absolute is? - Steinberg Lounge - Steinberg Forums

A lot are eq, dynamics, etc. Not quite the collection of creative FX I was expecting, honestly. More like a T-RackS Lite of sorts.

I’ve T-Racks Max and FX Collection is far more creative, compare tape plugins to Mello-Fi. Arturia has more extremity in regards to artifacts for sound design, and it’s a third of the latency of T-Racks which makes it easy to slap on a live input.

T-Racks has nothing like Rev Intensity’s env follower options, or the sheer soundscape of Fragments.

I guess it depends where you are in the creative sphere really. A metal head isn’t going to fall head over hells with FX Collection for sure! :slight_smile:

probably need to wait for this Absolute 5 sale to end before they announce Halion 7?

this is taking suspiciously longer than it needs to be

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The sale is over but still no news. This is very disappointing. :frowning_face:

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HALion 7/Absolute Collection 6 is “Coming soon” according to Greg:


thank you for updating us

Yeah I asked Greg this question however soon is relative. Could be one month or several months away. Either way its a good sign. :+1:

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FX Collection has some creative FX, but so does T-RackS. A lot of them are analog emulations, as well. I mean, I have both, so it’s not like I cannot see and compare. Yes, there is some stuff in FX Collection that isn’t in T-RackS, but the opposite is also true - including on the creative side.

I don’t see how that is counter to the statement that I made upthread. Yes, some of the stuff is pretty decent but I wouldn’t say it’s $399 good - though constant sales seems to be pretty common with Arturia, so they may overprice purposely to drive sales during cyclical promotional periods (like IKM does).

I said for $50 it’s an insane price for such a collection. Was only sharing an opinion, not looking to ‘counter’ statements.

Not to mention, the Arturia collection doesn’t make you download and install multiple GB of data just to use a single plugin compared to T-Racks…

well soon then…
Steinberg secret services are strong, my guess of “soon” its gonna be released until the end of the year.
but i wonder if this secret strategy of steinberg about release date or approximate release date don’t hurt their sales or the potential sales.
if a person interested in a sampler and think of halion 7 that should be released in “future” and he doesn’t have any info of its approximate release date , and by then he buys other companies similar products because he is not sure about anything when Halion 7 gonna released and what it will bring
its already about a year since we saw the Halion 7 logo on SAM promos, and its uncertain yet when its gonna be released and what features

It does I imagine, but if they give out a release date, and something comes up and it doesn’t make it, the fallout is just as bad or worse. Better to keep a lid on it and just have the working product show up when its ready, then to get everybody’s hopes up for a specific date and let everybody down.

Im looking at buying Halion, and have no problem waiting for however long it takes (I skipped the Absolute sale because I just want Halion). But I’ve also got real samplers Im using, Halion is just going to be my DAW equivalent in the box when I work that way so I’m good with waiting. Better they make it solid, then throw out a half-assed job that makes everybody even more mad.

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well every strategy has its goods and bads, and they don’t have to specify an exact day of release, i think among all of steinberg products Dorico team are most open in releasing dates or long behead teasers of something goin to happen, and also “open discussion” from their team with its users, and its not necessarily a bad thing that hurt their sales or Steinberg’s reputation.
although I’m not using Dorico (or any other notation program) i see from forum topics they have good communication and even discuses of new features and approximate release dates

I’ve noticed the Dorico team are far more forthcoming on stuff like that too.

I think with HALion 7 and Absolute users, they’re in a state of limbo in regards to licensing - so something should be out there so we know A) if HALion 6 will move to the new licensing (Incredibly doubtful of course), and B) Which quarter HALion 7 is expected.

With all the bugs and issues with C12 i’m really dis-heartened with it all, on top of that I own Groove Agent and Backbone via Absolute 5 yet still forced to use dongle until Absolute 6 is released. And i’ll have to buy that to get on the new licensing… Stupid thing is that H7 could have no improvements and i’d still buy into it, because the eLicenser service will be dead in a few years.

Having got a new macbook this month I can feel myself sliding back into Logic. You get no visibility with Apple, but at least you’re not paying annual and bi-annual update costs to be kept in the dark or be used as beta testers.

But most importantly, plugins like NI’s battery work fine, Logic doesn’t glitch like Cubase, and there’s no ridiculously small interfaces like Steinberg’s. Won’t even go into what you have to do to install a Steinberg audio interface:
Steinberg USB Driver install instructions

Everything with Steinberg written on it seems a bodge from my recent experience.

Could you please explain in more detail what you are referring to? Are you talking about the “gapless audio” phenomenon?

I have no experience with Logic or Macs other than some Apple IIe we had in our grade school library (Adams School in Davenport, IA USA) - we were actually one of the first elementary schools to have a “computer lab”, if you want to call it that. Then I went on to wait until I was pushing thirty to finally jump into the computer world. No turning back now …