Is Halion Apple Silicon native?

I cannot seem to get Halion to playback in Dorico 4, leading me to believe that perhaps Halion is not native to Apple Silicon.

Is this true? If not, have I done something wrong? I seem to be unable to get basic things to playback correctly with Halion SE. Example would be a piano score, plays back with a terrible buzzing sound while changing pitches to some degree.

Also, when I press the “e” on VST rack, nothing loads. No window opens up, nothing is visible, etc. I cannot seem to figure what is going on.

Any help would be appreciated.


You need to make sure you have installed the HALion Sonic SE 3.5.0 build that is provided in Steinberg Download Assistant along with Dorico 4. No earlier version of HSSE will run natively.

If you’re not sure what version you’ve got, run Dorico 4 under Rosetta so that you will definitely be able to load HSSE, instantiate the plug-in, click the Steinberg logo in top right, in the menu choose About and then look carefully at the version number. It must be Version or later. The relevant version number is in the bottom left-hand corner of the window that appears.

As always, VERY much appreciated. Your suggestion worked… I never downloaded the new HSE installer, as I was unsure that I needed it (past upgrades I could skip it).

I know this not a Dorico only problem, but the Steinberg Download Assistant is not much of an "assistant. " It would be nice if the application was a little more clear on what is needed, and not. Perhaps I am just getting older, and not able to see things the way I used to.

Thanks again for the help!

Well, we did our best given the restrictions of SDA, separating out Dorico Pro 4 for new customers and for people updating from previous versions, and providing a handy Install All button that we rather hoped people would click – if you click that, SDA will install everything you need to get Dorico 4 up and running with no further intervention.

Hi Daniel,

I appreciate that Steinberg went the extra mile to make the installation of Dorico Pro 4 seamless. But still, there were glitches. I used the ‘Install All’ option to install DP4 on my M1 laptop. But the final result was that the M1 version of HSSE wasn’t initially installed. I had to grab that from the installation on my intel desktop and install it into the correct folder on my M1 laptop (thanks to Ulf who helped me with that). I’m confused as to why the SDA didn’t accomplish the correct configuration in the first place. However, after some gyrations, things are working properly on my M1 MacBook pro. Steinberg technical help is the best.

Of course I can’t really provide any insight into why HSSE didn’t get correctly installed on your Mac. We test these installers as well as we can, both internally and with our beta testers, and nobody encountered a problem anything like the one you seemed to. Perhaps another user will run into a similar situation, in which case maybe we’ll be able to learn more. I can only apologise to you for the inconvenience you experienced and hope that it won’t live long in the memory.