Is HALion Sonic SE identical in Pro And Artist?

Might look like a silly question because it probably is, why shouldn’t it be, but IF … it isn’t it could save me a few hours of head ache before I find out the hard way! :open_mouth:

So it’s the same, right? :wink:

It is the same. Think that Pro has a few more presets than Artist.

Close enough! Thanx! :sunglasses:

New question along the same lines: How much of Groove Agent SE4 is included in Artist?

I was goofing around with it last night, especially the Acoustic set, and man! It’s just great and light years ahead of Groove Agent One, wich has a sound collection that’s copletely and utterly retarded, unusable and …WRONG for music! For something bundled with Cubase SE4 a great great improvement and more than useful, almost inspiring. It’s nowhere near Superior drummer but, hey, in it’s price range … :laughing:

It would be a relief to be able to use SE4 for collaborations instead of GAO or even worse HSSE channel 10 :astonished:
Time for some people I know to start thinking about updates, me thinks! :sunglasses: