Is Halion6 better than Halion5

Hi All,
Is Halion6 better than Halion5.

Also can I put my Halion5 licence on a different elicencer before upgrading to Halion6, or is it needed to do the update.

HALion 6 ist the same like HALion 5 but with new modules, effects etc.

You need the HALion 5 licence for updating to HALion 6. After the update the HALion 5 licence will be deleted and HALion 5 no longer works.

If you wish to continue using HALion 5, contact the support and you will get a new HALion 5 license.

In Halion 5 you can’t record samples.
That was for me the reason to upgrade.

why should an update be better than the preview version?
the companies make money with striping functions…


So why do you think H5 is better than H6?

haven´t you seen this: :mrgreen: ?

it was a joke of mine, due to this barely comprehensible question “is H6 better than H5”…
for me(!) every full-Update-Version (here H6) is always better than the previous.