Is "hide empty staves" only available as a global option?


Based on the Dorico help, I conclude that I can only use 'hide empty staves" across the whole document/flow (or - if I want - expect the first system), i.e. I can’t decide this on a page-by-page (or frame-by-frame) basis. is that right?

I use page-by-page decisions on this a lot. For example, if you have 2 mins worth of double bass solo in your score, you really want to use “hide empty staves” to not end up with heaps of empty space. But if - in that same score - a flute has 8 bars rest in a overall tutti passage, you DON’T want that to be hidden, because it’s very confusing: the conductor will cue the flute where he should be cueing the oboe…



Yep. At present, if you need to prevent a staff from being hidden on a particular system, you need to add a blank text item or something similar to make it “not empty.”

Thanks Dankreider!