Is is possible to multi-output Instrument track on Cubase?

Hello guys, switching from Pro Tools to Cubase here.

I’m aware of the fact that on Cubase, the multi output way to go is with Instrument Racks. But that leads to a midi and audio separate channels.
On Pro Tools, the Instrument Track holds both audio and Midi at the same time in the same track, that way I can have one instance of kontakt loaded and rout the instruments to other instrument tracks, but keeping midi and audio together.

Is is possible to do something similar with the Instrument Track in Cubase? I didnt find a way to multi-output with the instrument track.


Yes, you can do the multi-out with the Instrument Track too. Then the Audio Returns of the Instrument track are handled as automation tracks.

To enable multi-out you can do it via the function menu if the plug-in window (right top corner) or click to the yellow icon in the name tab of the Instrument Track (beside the MIDI Channel).