Is it discontinued?

I was looking to purchase HALION Symphonic Orchestra but I don’t see it anywhere.
Was it discontinued or was another product released under a different name in its place?

Hi there,

HALion Symphonic Orchestra (full version with 24- and 16-bit content) as a boxed version has been discontinued.

However, if you own a Cubase 5 or Cubase 6 full version, you can get an Activation Code of the HALion Symphonic Orchestra 16-bit version via our Onlineshop, our suggested retail price in Euro is only 99€ (can vary by country). You can find a link in the start center.

I hope that helps.


Hopefully Steinberg will release Halion Symph. Orcherstra 2 in the very near future.

I have been waiting, waiting, and waiting for this to happen. So far … :unamused:

This situation with Steinberg VSTi’s is irritating to say the least. Their quality is beyond discussion, but they end up discontinued and you can’t find them anywhere with no real hope for a sequel.

We can’t really depend on Steinberg anymore to keep us updated on the non-electronic (acoustic and beyond) VST’s. Especially when you think that you’ve lost an upgrade path you would have with another company. Yuck! :confused:

Hi,I just got it all you need is HS,or cubass 5,6.they have HSSE Now to get it i googel HALION Symphonic Orchestra . A Steinberg page comes up go there download the 6.xxg HSO BUY the 99.key done. I also got H4 , NOW you got it :smiley: ps; its good to be A steinberg HEAD :ugeek:

What about Cubase 6 Elements? Is it possible to get HSO for 99 too?

Or do I need to get Halion 4 for Cubase 6 Elements?



yes you have HSSE ;do your updates for cubass an HSSE to 1.6 .Install HSO it will be in HSSE 1.6. :smiley: you can get HS for more content .or H4 which give you more then just h4 content check out H4 whith cubass.PS :ugeek: if you don’t have cubass all you need is HS 1.6 an don’t for get the sound packs.

well, I can’t find it anywhere.


Quite unintuitively, it’s not listed in the eshop under the “VST Instruments & Sounds” category, but under the “Cubase” category. So, you can find it here:

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you can fin it in the shop under “Accessories - permanent licenses for trials”


Dear HSO users,

I have the HSO 16-bit version and it serves me well. Does anyone know if there is still an upgrade path to the 24-bit “full” version? I can’t seem to find it.


Hi Parlanchin,

there is no 24-bit version anymore. I am afraid so.