Is it finally possible...Read...

I can bring some Caol Ila with me? Probably the finest single malt known to mankind…certainly much smoother than any of the speyside or highland malts for my pallette as I am a sucker for the Islay malts (although not excessive - the peatiest (?) I can deal with is Laphroaig Quarter Cask) - maybe we can set up a single malt session???

To try & clear up some stuff here - Denis knows all about my problems, and we are even thinking it may be the way Nuendo handles things causing trouble as I cannot run 3 stereo instances either - I get the same CPU overload as I do with the 8-channel version. Something really odd must be happening as I am not getting this kind of issue anywhere else on any other tools.
That said, this is one monstrously hungry plugin, but it is doing a job widely thought to be impossible not so very long ago and the stereo version works absolutely perfectly. Denis has been fantastic trying to get this sorted out, and I am at a loss to understand why my E5 will not run this tool properly - it ought to.
Despite that, it definitely - and I must stress this - does not mean this plugin needs to go back to the drawing board at all. The stereo version works, and does a great job of it.

YES, Caol Ila is very welcome grin. I’m an Islay nut, too. The Messe really turns into a Single Malt Session after hours, but I’d be more than happy to hook up whenever I’m in your area or vice versa.

It could also be that a VST 3 version would perform differently. You never know. We’ll get you running 7.1 eventually, it’s basically a question of when, not whether :slight_smile:

Laphroaig, Caol Ila, Lagavulin…

I believe a showcase in NYC is needed!

AES in October :mrgreen:

What is the date of the Messe this year, Denis? I shall attend and bring supplies with me. :smiley:

Good point.
I know it will happen - no worries on that score!

10th-13th of April :mrgreen:

By the way, we’ve just announced UNVEIL version 1.6, which adds x64 VST on Windows, among other things. Come see it at NAMM, release is scheduled for February 15th.


Add to that a 21-year Bruichladdich and a Glendronach an I’m in.

Noted for Musikmesse :mrgreen:

BTW UNVEIL v1.6 is out now. More info on the update here.

Users that have opted-in to receive emails have been sent the v1.6 installer URL per email. Users that didn’t opt-in can email us to receive the URL.


Hi Denis,

Sounds good! I’ll be at Musikmesse probably on April 10th :wink:


We did get those malts for you Timo. Hall 5.1, A91

And we’ll be showing something UN


Hey! Just so you know what to expect in terms of malt at our Musikmesse booth:



By the way; have you tried an older Highland Park? Good stuff. Also older Glenfarclas…

On my way …


Hi Denis,

you convinced me! I’ll come along on Wednesday afternoon! :slight_smile:
I recently bought the GlenDronach 15 year Revival, which I can strongly recommend.
Great Sherry-taste. Laphroig is somewhat special, but I like your collection :smiley:

If anyone knows where to get a Bruichladdich 21 years (not “the Laddie”, but the original filling),
please let me know.