Is it impossible to make Dolby Atmos Music with Nuendo in the box?

On Windows, is it impossible to make and deliver music in Dolby Atmos, intended, for example, Apple Music?

Dolby has a music panner that works only on Mac. Does Nuendo have an alternative in the box or anything else with 3rd party plugins for Windows?

Do you need the panner though?

You should probably look at this backwards and start at the end - with delivery requirements. If Apple requires that you deliver your final mix as a .ADM file then you shouldn’t need that panner and Nuendo should be sufficient I think.

In my opinion you still need the Dolby Atmos Renderer (Dolby Atmos Production Suite ) only if your target is binaural (monitoring or rendering) since Nuendo solution is not the best at the moment. For other functions you are ok in Nuendo .

Perhaps you are right. Apple or at least, CD Baby from where I intend to upload, requires BWF ADM files.

I was wondering if I am missing a significant feature if I am on a Windows platform having no access to the Dolby Atmos Music Panner. Apparently, even Dolby is regarding the music panner as a separate dedicated panner compared to the typical Dolby/Nuendo panner.

At the moment, it looks like a binaural render may not be necessary. Instead, an Atmos and a stereo delivery are enough. Unless I understand incorrectly.

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“Dolby Atmos Renderer” can be different types though, and there is one included in Nuendo. So you meant a different specific renderer, correct?

Well, if it’s not in Nuendo then by definition it’s a separate dedicated panner. It doesn’t really tell us much about whether or not you need it though. At the end of the day as far as I know the panner just either places a sound into an Atmos bed or it gives the sound x/y/z coordinates and treats it as an object. So once you’re done and have an ADM file I don’t really see what the difference would be.

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yes, i mean the Dolby Atmos Renderer App from Dolby

it´s not easy like that, imho

It isn’t really an app as far as I know, it’s a function. It’s in either “Dolby Atmos Production Suite” or “Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite” or native in Nuendo. I guess the native plugin versions don’t support binaural, so it has to be one of the other two.

Yes, you need Dolby Atmos Production Suite APP to monitoring in Binaural or… to rerender to binaural. Since the Nuendo built in solution for binaural is not the same. (it´s inferior in my opinion)