Is it installing correctly?

Installed 10 and during opening it keeps telling me it cannot find Halion se 5 content plus other stuff…ran the installer again and it says everything is installed, the missing content is in a folder (13.2GB) that’s with the installer on an external drive, so why does it not install it? tried moving it manually to my content drive and showing Cubase where it is but it doesn’t open it…baffled
any help please? :slight_smile:

I’m getting missing content errors too and have no idea why or how to remedy this.


I will assume you have installed the Steinberg Library? This SUPERSEDES THE OLD HALION LIBRARY. You have to remove this older version, uninstall it and install the new Steinberg Library.

Once this is done, you should see the sub headers, Halion and Groove Agent. On the top right hand corner (of the library window) you will see the ‘settings’ gear logo. Open this and establish ‘default folder’ where all the content is. You can put the content on any drive you like, btw, I would suggest you do not burden your C Drive with it, but that’s me. The new Library is a beautiful thing.

thanks mate…no, haven’t installed the Steinberg library :slight_smile: where is it please?

Oh, it’s in the ‘Additional Content’ folder that comes with the C10 download. Open this and then click on the ‘Installler’ folder, look for Library Manager.

I am of exactly the opposite feeling as I would like to have nothing to do with the extra content. I have not use Halion se in anger - in fact I have only explored it once and been rather underwhelmed. I have never used the loop or sound library and have never looked at it. I wish there had been a way of downloading C10 without all the bloat.

thank you :slight_smile:

Agreed my friend…would be good if it downloaded like Studio one, then you could choose which bits of bloat you want… :slight_smile: or not :slight_smile:

so the additional content is installed separately? :slight_smile:

Yes, you can choose what you want. Open the folder and take a look, it won’t automatically launch all the programs… A very positive thing about the Library Manager is that you can store the massive VST sound files on a HD other than the C drive and Cubase will find it. I have 12G stored off the C drive and Cubase can access it quickly.

As to any of the synths being bloat ware, I’m not of that mindset. I used to be. I’m a guitar player but it has been good to have a keyboard interface that allows for some different tones and ideas. For example, fan or not, find a Tom Petty song that doesn’t have a keyboard part on it.

cheers mate, appreciate your help :slight_smile: