Is it just me or are event colours harder to work with?

I can’t put my finger on exactly -why-, but I’m having a lot of trouble working with the new colour/shading thing on tracks.

The new schemes definitely -look- cool from a design standpoint, but for some reason, I’m having a -lot- more trouble.

  1. I dislike the new ‘ghost copy’ icon. The old way (with the italics) was -easy- to see, even at a distance whether an event was a real copy or a shared copy.

  2. It’s -much- tougher for me to tell the difference between a muted track and an event which is simply -behind- another event.

  3. Unless one chooses the absolutely gay pastel colours, it’s -very- hard for me to see inside each event.

  4. When events overlap, there’s this ‘screening’ effect which makes it hard to tell which event is on top—when startpoints are staggered. I used to have -no- trouble distinguishing the top event from the ones behind.

Anyone else feel like it was pretty good in C5 and they over-polished it?

Is there a way to make it work/look more like C5 in this regard?


I feel the same way about Win7 over XP. Seems that everything has had to go even more shaded, gradiented, highlighted and bevelled recently. I’m waiting for the 70s/80s to come back with bright neon lights, lots of obvious block colours, fat buttons and fat sliders! And, yep, I agree, the Cb display is going this way and it’s more difficult to distinguish for me too. The contrast seems to be going down and the edges of things seem to be less obvious. I’m for strong visual indications rather than artistic values.


I can only agree : the new ‘shaded’ events display is, IMO, a wrong step. Even if I try to forget the dubious ‘artistic’ and brand new hyped side of it, with certains colours, I have to zoom the event to clearly see what is in it, and this is more serious, because it is altering the workflow.

There was another thread about this recently and it appeared that the majority of the posters seemed to be satisfied with itt. Fine… But this with the oversized info line, which I don’t use anymore and appeared in 5.5.x, give me the feeling of regressions since the 5.1.x days.

So, I’ll try again : Steiny, please give us back the 5.1.x interface (with the present faders) as a preference option and all will be fine. Thanks for seriously considering this…

The contrasts went down overall, which makes it harder to tell things apart. “Dark yellow” gridlines over yellow events? I miss the transparent events…
also the greyish background in the MIDI Editor… what was wrong with white? At least I’d like to have the option.

In the past I just went with the default settings for appearance, but with C6 I had to tweak all the settings to make it work for me… I guess the supposedly “elegant” look doesn’t come in very practical.

I would also like to chime in with the graphics issues, with v6 I have had to push most of the gridlines much higher than previous versions, as now they look too faded and wishy washy, I prefer clean well defined lines. It would also have been a help if graphic colours could be user defined on the main screens (the blue grey look lacks definition).
One last issue is the toolbar, I personally have an issue with “is the button on or off” white and grey is too vague, it would be more helpful and quicker to recognise, if the buttons were coloured when in use i.e. ‘Blue’ colour icon = On, No colour = Off, the colour blue is an example only I just want something much clearer.
User adjustment could solve a number of these issues.

The Innovator

Oh yeah, and after all these years: I need -waaaay- more than 16 colours in the palette. AND I need the palette to a ‘Global’ palette that -persists- between projects… in addition to the ‘Project’ palette.

But if things were as they were in 5.1, I’d be happy–er. :smiley:

I actually love the new shaded events… makes Cubase look much more professional IMO.

haha that was one of the first things I changed when I got Cubase… got rid of the horrible stock event colors.

You do realize you can customize the main screens don’t you? I have mine setup grey on grey Logic style. I personaly can’t stand the stock Cubase blue…

Well good news for you: Cubase lets you have waaay more then 16 colours in the palette! Just hit the “+” button.