Is it just me or does it seem utterly insane cubase still doesnt preview rex files at tempo in media browser?

Every other modern DAW does this!

Yes, sadly cubase lacks in this

There’s a bunch of feature requests and bugs that would sound insane when stated that way. The reality is that they need to prioritize enhancements and bug fixes to make best use of their development time. For instance, I have zero interest in that as I don’t use rex files. And you probably have zero interest in some of the things I think it’s insane Cubase lacks.

No DAW is perfect, all lack some features of other DAWs, c’est la vie.

No that’s pure gibberish, literally ever single other DAW does it. Inexcusable. Im sorry you dont use rex though LOL


I agree that both in Cubase and in Groove Agent 5 this simply is a must.