Is it just me or does the new 7.5 audio engine sound better?

:mrgreen: GOTCHA


That’s just you.

Hehe … you bustarrrrrrd :slight_smile: … starting the longest thread ever like that… :slight_smile:

Stll awaiting my activation code for the 7.5 to test your claims

take care


Yeah the new ‘32-bit hovering point engine’ is much clearer than the old ‘floating point engine’.

it’s the new , 12bit double turbo boost ,nitrous injected carbonoid processing that making c7.5 sound soooo much clearer !!


I think I’ll ask for a refund 'cos it don’t make my guitar playing sound any better!!!

Jim B

lol, I’m thinkin this thread would be more effective on Gearslutz. But, there could be medical consequences I don’t want to be responsible for.

Good one :laughing:

I think you mean 64 bit hoovering point engine.

Good I thought I was on gearslutz or something :smiley:

There’s a little more “air” in the null-test silence that sounds more “musical” and open.

yeah exactly, it’s somewhere around 51khz in that 128vbr mp3 I tested with.

Dam I fell for it and read this :stuck_out_tongue:.

Haha, the ‘oh no not again’ moment lasted for the whole half second between me reading the title and seeing your name as OP :stuck_out_tongue:.
Sorry JMCecil, not convincing :laughing:

damn, I need to create a sock puppet account that I can use to troll without mercy. This would have been much more effective with a 2 post account.

omg. A sock puppet with no mercy. That’s scary.