Is it just me, or... (Forum colors)

I return here after a bit of an absence, and the Forum color scheme is this all-white/off-white thing… I assumed this was something to do with my preferences, but that doesn’t appear to be so. So, is it just me, or does everyone’s Forum have this washed-out wintry look to it?

Hi Doug, Happy new Year!

I see what I usually see, here’s a screenshot… I am using Chrome under Linux

Washed out wintry is a good description. Safari on an iPad here.


The old forums ‘bluish’ theme was a lil easier on the eyes.


I have no problems with the current look? It’s been like this from the start btw, not seen any changes that I can remember.

Thanks for the screenshot Robin. That is also what I’m seeing

I didn’t even think of posting a screenshot here :blush:

NP… looks like the jpg I attached is erroring now - I get a server error.

I don’t mind the colour scheme so much… I don’t spend nearly as much time in here as I used to… so its not a bother.