Is it just me, or is Cubase not properly retaining which events are "on top"

I’m pretty sure, that Cubase is switching around which events are ontop-audible on playback when opening projects from a previous version.

I know this because projects with tracks that are in freeze-state are playing back something different than how the track is “on-top” vs “bottom” event edited - which isn’t possible. ie, the freeze is correct from how I had last edited the track, but on the track itself, the wrong events are on-top thus soft-muting the right events.

So frickn annoying

How have you tested this specifically?

I’ve been suspicious of it in the past, that projects opening up with incorrect ontop/bottom edits.

It’s hard to test because it’s fairly random and I’m not sure how it occurs. I think it must occur when opening edits from one version of Cubase, into another.

I think the Freeze tracks I explained above are fairly direct evidence of this happening - how else could the edit differ from what has been Frozen in a project for months when the events are locked when the track is in freeze state?

Image of what I am talking about to make it clear. The Freeze can clearly be heard playing back a section of that top region which can be clearly seen as no part of it being active, when I’m pretty sure, that little section fill was active… as is heard in the freeze.