Is it just me or is MIDI CC chasing severely broken in 7.5?

I’m noticing some very frustrating behavior lately. I use Cinematic Strings 2 quite a bit, and use the CC2 to control vibrato. Mostly I have it set above 80 or so. Seemingly randomly, Cubase will set it to 0, even though there is no such automation signal anywhere, and no MIDI signal being sent that would do that. There seems to be a problem with chasing CCs. The thing is, the MIDI Monitor doesn’t show this. I’m wondering if Vienna Ensemble Pro is somehow the culprit. I can’t seem to narrow down what the problem is, but there is most certainly a problem.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I haven’t experienced that. Chasing seems fine here; running VE Pro on a slave.


Check your Preferences / Midi.

Been through MIDI prefs several times, adjusting things. I’m sure there’s some sort of problem. I reported a bug and someone else was able to replicate it, it also involved MIDI chasing. Hopefully Steinberg can replicate it and fix it. It’s extremely frustrating!

Hi Again Sam, have you experimented with activating “Never Reset Chased Controllers” in Prefs>MIDI?

Aloha guys,

Just to chime in.

Working fine here as well.
In fact it often works too fine and can sometimes get in the way;
or at least be very distracting.