Is it just me or is the Preference dialog box confusing

Do you find it easy to find what you look for in the Preference Settings Box?

  • Yeah, no problem
  • It’s OK-ish but not more
  • Don’t care, it’s just another Dialog Box
  • There is definitely room for improvement
  • €@#¤%"!£$€@@£ IT’S A WASTE OF SPACE!

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I’m just curious and I don’t say the Prefbox is bad or done wrong.
What I do know is that through the years I’ve used loads of KINDS of programs, and of every kind there is of course many programs.
The program I’ve far and away used the most is Cubase with a handful of runners-up, then nothing and nothing and then the rest.
So it should be easy to find what I’m looking for in the Prefbox to the point of me not even have to search for something but just know and remember where it is, right?
But noooooooooo … just about every time I have to dig around in there I make a big sigh, and spend enough time there to “go out of the zone”.
The funny thing is that the Score Settings box which is arguably containing about the same amount of settings is just fine if you ask me.
And the rest of Cubase is also fine, by and large.
What goes wrong is that I don’t find what I look for where I think it should be.
Then I poke around where I don’t think it should be.
After that I kind of give up and start again at the top and go through all of it and that sort of works since it’s not THAT monstrous of a dialog box.
Sometimes even that won’t work and I have to use some logic again and then I find it in a place I don’t think is very obvious at all, but OK there it is I need to move on.

So … Is it just me or is the Preference dialog box confusing?

I find this very confusing. Saving preferences and using partial preferences doesn’t keep your originally saved preferences for other tabs. It overwrites them. I thought it would keep them. It’s like starting afresh with a new set of preferences every time you save something. There must be a better way of handling this in Cubase to make it more obvious as to what is actually happening. I’m trying to learn more about this but I think it would be better if it was just plain obvious.