Is it just me? Or...

The folk category leader right now on ReverbNation is a guy named Al Soucy. I met him personally in a work meeting on Wednesday, and he’s a great guy with a great sounding history as a musician. But I listened to some of the tracks on RN and was…I dunno…underwhelmed at the quality of the mixes. Lenny’s stuff, which admittedly is my Gold Standard, blows it away from a mix/mastering standpoint.

I guess I’m bringing this up because I’m wondering what it takes to make it to the leader board of RN. Is it the underlying quality of the songwriting? Or production? Or…what?

Edit: okay this is what I get for assuming something by looking at someone else’s screen. He isn’t the leader of the genre, so I don’t know what list he showed me on RN that had him at the top. Regardless, his CD isn’t mixed any better than the stuff on the website so the fact that he isn’t the leader removes the confusion and hence the reason for this thread.

Disregard. :smiley:

No, it’s not just you. They are horrible! First of all it sounds like there’s 2 songs playing at the same time. Honestly, after clicking “play” on his first song I had to stop it after about 10 seconds just to make sure I have nothing else playing on background. And then they sound thin.

Well, he gave me a physical copy of his latest release, which I just ripped. As soon as I get off of this conference call, I plan on giving it a listen.

See my edit on the first post.