Is it me or is it harder to quantize audio in Nuendo 12?

I used to select a rhythm guitar, click Q: Done.

Now nothing happens. I have to do it all manually it seems. I have to create markers and then quantize. I haven’t had to do that for years.

What am I missing?


You always had to go in and get your markers right before quantizing audio or you would get unpredictable results…moreso in live instruments with variations vs loops.

In Nuendo 11 I select a rhythm guitar track, I click Q and it’s done. I can then edit the markers Nuendo makes automatically of course. But I definitely don’t need to first create markers before I can quantize. Maybe it’s a preference settings I don’t even realize I selected. Nevertheless: that’s the behavior I am experiencing in 11 and not in 12.

I’ve always found the quantize in Nuendo much less friendly than say Logic. I haven’t tried it in N12 yet but it’s always been this way. Particularly with swung grooves.

I think one has to have “autocreate hitpoints” checked in the preferences in order to quantize without additional preparation. Maybe this setting isn’t checked in your Nuendo 12?

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Brilliant! I had totally forgotten that I had this setting selected in Nuendo 11. I’d gotten so used to it I figured it was the default behavior and not a preference setting. Wolfger: you are the man. Thank you!

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