Is it me, or is it sort of annoying how Workspaces don't recall closed/non-open windows in their last open spot prior to workspace save

For example

On a few of my Workspaces, I want MixConsole to open up full window on my main screen, but on that particular workspace… I don’t want MixConsole actively open (not even in the background).

So I set MixConsole to full window, and Save/Update the Workspace. And then I close the MixConsole window and Save/Update the Workspace again.

Now, you would hope that it would re-open exactly the same (and it does, for the time being…) when activating this Workspace…


I few of my other Workspaces move and resize MixConsole to my secondary side screen and have the MixConsole open.

If I select these other workspaces, and then go back to the full-screen mixconsole workspace (which is closed)… it opens up not to how I set it, but to how the later Workspaces modify it.

So I guess my feature request here, is that if possible, Workspaces remember Closed Windows last location.