Is it memory limit for Elements version?


I’m still using Cubase Elements 9. Now equipped with HALion Symphonic Orchestra. Brilliant sounds (for me as for beginner). Yesterday I tried to setup a default template including all instruments that came with this plugin. I’ve loaded all string instruments - they are 54. At this step all is okay. Then I loaded some 7-8 brass instruments and HSO stopped loading next instrument in its half - yellow stripe stops filling gauge. I tried many times and every time it stops loading any instrument when used memory reaches 1250 MB. What it is? A limitation in Elements version? My computer have 8 GB RAM and still have free space.

It would be great to have a template with all instruments, because when music comes out, it is disturbing if I need to load and unload some violins or brasses.

56 + 8 = 64

you have indeed maxed it out only alternative is to upgrade to artist or pro version


Note that it’s possible to load Halion Symphonic Orchestra instruments in Halion Sonic SE, which supports 16 instruments per instance. If you use it you’ll be able to load all HSO instruments and still have plenty of room for other VST instruments.

DLearyUS, it was 54 + 7 = 61. As I mention it stucks at half of loading progress and every time at 1250 MB of RAM used.

Romantique TP, I know. I’ve loaded 5 HSSE2 for Basses, Cello, Sections, Violas and Violins - each Halion for one group of strings. But there is limit on MIDI track count - 64. If I use one MIDI track and set all 16 slots in Halion to listen port 1, then it will be only one MIDI track for 16 violins, for example (but there are Ensembles :slight_smile: ).

But the question is unanswered. What is 1250 MB? And why it hangs up while loading? Will this problem go away, when I upgrade to Artist or Pro?

Oh, guess I misunderstood the issue. I think you’re reaching Halion Sonic SE’s sample preload limit. Click the Options button in Halion Sonic SE and move the memory balance slider to the left, then reload your template. You should then be able to load several more presets.

Thank you! That small gear on top right I didn’t see.

How much memory do you have on your studio station? (I’m interested in Komplete too)

Now I set that “Balance” to minimum and I can load more sounds. Yes I reach MIDI limit 64. It took 6 rack instruments. To reach Instrument track limit I have additional 18 tracks :slight_smile: Not bad for Elements.

My target is Cubase Pro, not Artist, because I like to reach & beat limits very often :slight_smile:

24th of March I published my last album - Oracle (by Arthur Neeman). It is on all music shops (amazon, spotify…), it is electronic music. But now I want to setup my dream - my virtual orchestra.