Is it normal if CPU is on 12% when "Average audio load" is on 100% ? [PC]

I have question to users of Cubase 10.5.20 (or all 10.0 users).

When my average sound processing load is almost 100% utilization of the processor is about 12-14%.

Is it normal ? Am I missing something?
Is it possible to utliize more processor power?
Whether this is related to the use of i.e. soothe2 plugins?

“Buffer size” is set to 2048 and all Cubase settings are as follows:

Same problem here

Depending on your signal routing, yes, it can be normal that you only use a fraction of your available cpu. That’s the nature of digital processing. It can some things in parallel, but not all things.

I’m going back to cubase 10

try setting audio priority different than boost
wich plugins are involved?

Is better in Cubase 10? I do don’t remember…

Try disabling your cpu’s virtual cores. Hyperthreading often causes this issue. Disabling mine removes this issue for me entirely.

Hi, thanks. I’ve checked disabling HT, not helped.

Meanwhile I’ve installed Cubase 10.0.50, opened same project and
there is no difference in CPU utilization and Processing load percentage.

I’ve checked both normal and boost priority. On my setup it doesn’t make difference.

The plugins are regular set such as EQs and compressors: most instances of FabFIlter Q 3 (vst3) and some of soothe2 (1.1.0).
There is no plugin which is significantly more power consuming than others.

wich bit depth and sample rate?