Is it normal to wait 20+ days for a reply from support?

I’ve had a licensing query support ticket open for 20 days now, I sent a reminder 9 days ago and I’ve had friends receive replies in 6 days.

I have 2x USB licensers and 1 of them isn’t generating a download access code so I’ve having to use a 2nd activation on my first licenser to keep business running.

It’s probably frowned upon to post this in the forum but after 3 weeks I’m getting a bit annoyed that a request for help from a customer is getting ignored.

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Be happy Steinberg offers support for your country.

In Poland it’s just some private person in a music store who never responds…

Where you got that idea is anyone’s guess. But there are tons of posts like this.

Probably your issue is similar to others, Since you asked your question you might get answers.

I have heard they are working on an issue having to do with multiple USB elicensers in the the same Steinberg account.

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