Is It Not Possible? To Merge or Play Two Tracks?


I am writing this on behalf of my dad who recently purchased Wavelab E7. He is not very familiar with studio software, but is getting into it. Main problem is neither of us can figure out how to “do” the primary function he wants from Wavelab.

He wants the following: To play a back tracking, where he plays guitar at the same time and records both where he can then play it back so he can hear himself playing to the backtrack. I think it is because he desires to hear how close he is to the original or how he can play differently to the track. Problem is, the best we are able to manage is to play the backing track in the Audio File Workspace and then record only the guitar. He wants both to be recorded and able to either merge them together to then play it or just be able to play them both back simultaneously.

Is that possible? If yes then how?

Any help would be greatly appreciated please.

ps. my dad is illiterate, which is why I am writing this for him. I am not remotely familiar with these types of software unfortunately and have just tried to google answers for him and try my way =/

This is what a DAW is for. I don’t think it’s possible in Wavelab to monitor other audio files while you record.

I would recommend that you look into Cubase/Sequel. :slight_smile:

I don’t know exactly the limitations for WL Elements, but it should be possible in the Montage workspace. Put the (stereo?) backing track on one track, open a new (mono?) track and record into that. After recording you can mix the recorded guitar with the backing track to your liking. It is indeed more of a multitrack DAW process than an audio editor workflow, but it should work. I hope this is not something limited to full WL though…