Is it ok to move Cubase 11 Artist Desktop Shortcuts to Different Location

I created desktop shortcuts in a subfolder on Desktop, for example the Cubase application is at: “Desktop\Music”

Would Cubase app work properly if I move the desktop shortcuts to “Desktop\Music\DTM\Cubase” ?

If it is possible, must I re-start my computer after the move?

As long as the shortcut remains on the same computer, it will work.

Thank u for your comments.

I moved the Cubase 11 Artist application desktop shortcut into a different folder within the same PC on my desktop, and all of a sudden I was not able to start Cubase 11 Artist.

I then moved back my Cubase 11 Artist application desktop shortcut to previous area in desktop.
After some trial and error, I restarted my PC and I was able to start Cubase properly as of this writing.