Is it posible to turn on/off an effect slot with footpedal?

Is it possible to turn on/off an effect slot, no matter what effect is loaded in it, using a MIDI foot pedal? or USB?

I want to use this method to simulate a “virtual pedalboard” so I can use any VST and not only Guitar Rig stuff or Amplitube.

Can automation parameters (for any VST) be controled in real time with an expresion pedal?

If anybody knows how to set this up, please let me know.


Hi and welcome,

Yes, you can do so. Open Devices > Device Setup > Generic Remote.

Upper part is list incoming MIDI data, bottom part is list of functions, which will be triggered by these MIDI messages. Please, search the Operation Manual and Forum about Generic Remote Device.

Thanks Martin I will try it

You would need something that puts out midi notes. An expression pedal doesn’t trigger the Generic Remote.

Very powerful control Generic Remote. Like Martin was saying, you can map a midi event that you choose to any command in Cubase (pretty much).

The problem comes in setting this up in a template so you don’t have to do it every time you start a new song.

It’s not really a problem, you just have to set the GR up at the top of your project where you don’t change anything.

So like if you map a bunch of functions out then add a new one to the top of the list, all the functions below it get shifted to the next command and not the ones you wanted them to be mapped to.

This is my recollection, haven’t used it in a long time, maybe it’s different now.

Why not? Any MIDI CC can trigger it. Most often the Expression pedal sends MIDI CC11 or MIDI CC7.