Is it possible adjust track width individually in C7 mixer?

Aloha guys,

While I love the ability to change the width/zoom of
all the tracks in the C7 mixer, I miss having the C6
ability to have different size tracks in the mixer.

Granted with C6 there were only two sizes but a user
could have a ‘Narrow’ track right next to a ‘Wide’ track if needed.

I have been reading thru the manual and I still cannot
find a way to adjust track width individually in C7.

Or is it even possible?

No biggie but would be nice for some users.


me too would like to know how to set

yeah… it doesn’t look like it

not that i can see either ,steinberg most probably thought it wouldn’t be required now :frowning:

Please lodge a feature request in the Feature Requests and Suggestions Subforum.


if it’s been removed then it’s not a request for a NEW feature is it …sometimes engaging the brain before you type would be a good idea !"

I don’t believe there is any criteria around feature requests (or suggestions) that states an idea must be new.

Just to chime in guys,

1-I asked this question just to see if individual track widths were possible with C7.

2-I did not intend the original post to be a ‘Feature Request’.
If I had, I would have posted in that sub-forum.

3-Seems my question has been answered.


Indeed. You nailed it FF!