Is it possible, Edit Styles in GA5 ?

The biggest thing missing in GA 4 is the option to edit styles.
Since the update is extreme pricey, i think its perhaps Steinberg changes their way of earning money.
With GA 4 milking my money with styles, and in GA 5 just let me pay a fair price and give me the possibility to edit my own styles, and let me creative with it.

You can hit the midi button and edit your Style in the internal midi drum editor. If that’s what you are after.

thats not editing style…its just editing midi.

How do you suggest modifying a Style without changing the midi?

@James K,
It is as bonghat said that just midi pattern editing.

I want the possibility to program my own variation on a pattern and save them together as a style i can use in GA.
That’s what i thought was possible with GA4 so I bought it,
It was to late when i found out about the fraud, I have to pay to much for a few midi styles expensivtions, and when i load a style all the buttons have the same vari-pattern but with another complexity setting.
This limit my creativity, i can’t find a drum for my songs, but instead i have to make songs from the drums i have.

I see what you’re saying.
That would be very handy.

It’s the same in Logic once you convert a Drummer region ( style ) into midi to manipulate it. Then you’re unable to convert it back to a drummer region ( style ) with the new manipulated midi intact.

Yes and that makes most styles useless, unless they release exact the right style for my song.
Helas another shortcoming i should learn to live with.