Is it possible for the the 'Hub' be in an 'OFF' state?

Aloha guys,

For the first time (and because C6.5 is still my main ax,)
I have connected my studio machine to the net.
C7 tho’ is on a separate partition.

I personally find the ‘Hub’ to be kool
but I understand many do not and have mucho probs with it.

That being said there are times when I will double clik a .cpr file
and turn away to do something expecting the file to be open when I look back.

When I do look back, there is the Hub staring back at me waiting for
more instructions.

This can be a time and mood killer because when I am ready to work,
I AM READY TO WORK!!! (lil rant)

Is it possible for the the ‘Hub’ be in an ‘OFF’ state?


Prefs=General, IIRC.

Tanks so much for that.

I thought about deleting the post but I think
leave it up for others to read your helpful words.

Perhaps a Mod will move it to somewhere even more helpful.


Well now I tried all the solutions in (solved) on this topic… Cubase 7 x32 still crashes when starting up with the Steinberg hub… I can load projects directly no problem, but every time I select “new project” inside Cubase or fire up Cubase from my desktop I get the crash… I saw somewhere it should be possible to disable the steinberg hub. But I ant figure out how to… Alternatively how do I start an empty project inside Cubase without opening the Steinberg Hub?

I recently had the “Ukash Virus” on my computer and therefore installing MalwareBytes and HitmanPro. I had no problems with Cubase before doing so… Figured one of the 2 programs prohibits the Steinberg Hub from connecting to the server coursing the crash. I would hate to uninstall the programs again coz that virus was extremely evil.
Any ideas for either bypassing the hub or allowing the connection inside MalwareBytes and HitmanPro?