Is it possible = save some settings for Score?

Hi all,
I tried to find the answer in the manual…with no success, so excuse the question of a newbie:

Is it possible to save some settings, in the Score not to have to tweak every time we launch the Score in a new project with -the HP icon already enlighted, so the notes can be heard instantly in a new project - the handles visible, etc…

There are a few different areas these things are saved in so it can get complicated.

Broadly speaking there are score settings and user interface settings. You can access the Score Settings window in Score Edit and save presets having to so with how the score will look from there. The other configuration settings are in the preferences dialog, or are simply saved when you quit Cubase.

Since you are learning Cubase I recommend that you create a template file. The advantage to this is you can have a file that can include pretty much everything in Cubase, both user interface and Score graphic settings and the rest of it.

You can set everything up the way you like it, and “Save as Template” in the File Menu. As you learn more about Cubase you can modify the template and Save as Template again. This way you will accumulate settings and maintain a sense of continuity for yourself as you learn this program. Cubase has quirks and things are not so intuitive frequently, which makes things hard to remember.

What language are you using Cubase in? I noticed you said HP icon, are you referring to Acoustic Feedback?

Good luck to you.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your help. And yes I meant Acoustic Feedback, but Cubase wasn’t launched and anyway the interface is in French :confused:

I didn’t mean I was a newbie but I was sorry asking a newbie question. Please can you tell me where I can find Score settings?

As I said, the Réglages Partitions window in Score Edit, and the Preferences window, depending on what you are trying to save.

The state of Acoustic Feedback is saved with the project, I believe.

Didn’t mean to condescend! That templates thing is what I do and it has worked for me.

Hi Steve don’t worry ! I’m very happy you help me, it’s kind of you.
I just wanted to say, while I’m comfortable when I use the Score Editor (I spend 90 % of my “Cubase time” on it) I’m a totally newbie if I want to keep some settings for a new project. :astonished: Yet it’d spare time if it was possible, but I’ve seen nothing concerning the tools, I mean for e.g. opening directly in Page Mode, the size of the music sheet, the handles already here etc…
Thanks again for your help. :slight_smile:

All this is saved with the project, so to get what you mention, save a template.