Is it possible to access printer's dialog to set tray/paper feed and paper weights?

Is it possible to access a printer’s dialog as the options available on the print section do not allow for telling the printer to use a particular tray or paper weight. The OKI A3 Laser (a particularly temperamental piece of equipment) and Canon Pro10s all require paper weight and which tray/feed to be set. Up till now I have had to resort to converting everything to PDF and then use my PDF programme to actually print.

Surely there is a default paper type and tray set for any print job? Is this Mac or Windows?

I have to set which tray and paper weight, which will vary depending on the print i.e. draft/rough (80gsm) or proper printed score (100+gsm). My set up is Windows PC & Laptops. I cannot get access to this dialog from Dorico. Been trying to upload an image but unfortunately message says cannot embed image.

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You need to read some messages in other threads before the forum software will give you more extensive access.

hi Helen

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An image of the printer’s dialog.

AFAIK, this is not possible. I have the same issue with my Ricoh where I’m often printing 9.5x12.5 heavier paper for parts from the bypass tray, but Letter is loaded in Tray 1. As Letter is the default, Dorico scales and prints on Letter which I don’t want. I have a “Music Manuscript” preset I’ve created for 9.5x12.5 that optimizes the printer settings, but can’t access the Printer preferences in Dorico. Since I always make PDFs of everything anyway, I usually just export PDFs using the Print/Graphics function and then print physical copies from the PDFs as Acrobat can access these printer settings.

I imagine you can go under Printer settings in Windows, change the default, and then Dorico will use it, but that’s sort of annoying, you’ll need to remember to change it back, and may or may not be a good option if it’s a networked printer that others use too. As making PDFs is part of my workflow anyway, that’s the way I do it.

I hadn’t revisited my Dorico print settings in a long time, but Helen’s post has me looking again to see what’s actually possible from Dorico’s Print menu. What does the Custom Paper Size setting actually do? It doesn’t open up a dialog box to allow the user to actually select a custom size.

If I have a part formatted for 9.5x12.5, and have that size loaded in my printer with default settings, selecting Custom Paper Size just causes a printer error. (No surprise, the wrong paper is loaded.) If I go to Print Preferences, select 9.5x12.5 (my Music Manuscript preset above), then select Custom Paper Size in Dorico, it will print on 9.5x12.5 but Dorico still scales it down to Letter with the top left corner fixed in place. Selecting Custom Scale: 100% in Dorico just forces the top and left sides off the page. There’s no way to actually print a part formatted for 9.5x12.5 on 9.5x12.5 paper directly from Dorico, is there?

I guess I have gotten so used to working from PDFs that I hadn’t thought about this for a while, but there really should be a way to accurately print on custom sizes, or a way to access the Printer Properties and print through that. Is there some combination of settings that will allow me to print a 9.5x12.5 part correctly on 9.5x12.5 paper directly from Dorico?

I think Custom Paper Size works in tandem with the page size in Layout Options. Try setting the page size to Custom in Layout Options, then set the width to 9.5 inches and the height to 12.5 inches, then switch to Print mode, grab Custom from the dropdown. Load 9.5x12.5 paper into your printer and hit Print.

That’s what I’m doing. The part layout is already set to 9.5x12.5, and exports correctly from Dorico to PDF at that size. I can then easily print the PDF using Page Size & Handling: Actual Size in Acrobat after selecting my “Music Manuscript” preset from the Properties box in the Acrobat print dialog. There’s no way to accurately print 9.5x12.5 from Dorico though, or if there is it’s a combination of settings I haven’t figured out yet.

Heh. Actually, looking at Dorico here, “Custom Paper Size” doesn’t appear in the dropdown in Print mode at all. Given every other paper size on that list is pulled straight from the printer driver, I suspect Dorico’s just going “well RICOH Aficio SP 6300N says it has a page size called Custom Paper Size, so I’ll put it in the list”. Do you have the option within the RICOH’s preferences to change the name of “Custom Paper Size”?

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Oh, I thought that was a Dorico setting, not that it was just pulling it from the printer. There doesn’t appear to be a way to change the name in my printer driver, although I can obviously specify what the size is and select it. I can create a Windows system page size which some other programs can read, but not Dorico apparently. (For anyone interested it’s Control Panel/View Devices and Printers then click any Printer and select Print Server Properties at the top of the dialog box.)

This appears to be related to an issue I raised a month ago - incomplete access to printer functions by Dorico.
My issue was non-standard duplex printing.

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It seems like there are multiple reasons for users to need to access the system print settings. I hope they will include this in the future. Programs like InDesign try to handle printing natively, but still will let you use the system print settings, just with a caveat that they aren’t recommending it.


follow the following steps
first from within your application, click File => Print then Click Properties open the Basic tab and In the Paper Source dropdown choose the Tray that you want to print from then Click Apply => OK. and Click OK or PRINT, depending on your application.

I’m not sure if you were responding to my post from a couple of years ago or not, but this isn’t applicable to Dorico. File/Print takes you to Print mode and there’s no Properties button to click. You can’t access System print settings in Dorico. Perhaps this was intended for another forum.

You can on a Mac:


There’s no Properties button in the Mac D4.3 Print mode though is there? In the Win system print settings there is, so I was assuming that was what was being referenced in that necropost. Of course, that still isn’t accessible in the Win version of D4.3. I’ve long since given up trying to print from Dorico. I always export PDFs anyway so I always just print from Acrobat.