Is it possible to add a command to 'hide accidental?'


Plodding along here on my first little piano piece with Dorico.

I have searched through all the commands that can be changed, but I can’t see anywhere to add a command to ‘hide accidental.’

Is this possible, and if so, please give a simple explanation.

Thank you.


It is possible: in the Key Commands editor, look in the Edit category for Hide Accidental, Show Accidental, Show Accidental in Parentheses, and Toggle Accidental Visibility. These are all new commands added in Dorico 2.2.10. If you can’t find them, then you need to update to Dorico 2.2.10, which you can do by running Steinberg Download Assistant, clicking ‘Dorico Pro 2’ in the left-hand panel, then downloading and running the ‘Update to Dorico Pro 2.2.10’ installer.

Hey Daniel.

Thank you for your quick response. I assume it is early morning where you are. Here in Australia it is 9.20 pm.

I already have Dorico 2.2.10, and followed your instructions = works like a charm.

Best wishes and of course, and best wishes as always to the awesome software developers.

Bye for now.