Is it possible to add a function to export all the settings in Dorico as a backup with one click?

Is it possible to add a function to export all the settings in Dorico as a backup with one click? Includes preferences, playback templates, custom instruments, and more.

If you have Dorico Pro, you can use the Library Manager to transfer settings between projects and by comparing against the factory default settings, and settings you’ve saved to your user library.

You can also export the library from a particular project and save it as an external file.

All the files for application preferences, Engraving, Notation, Layout, Playback Options, Playback Templates, etc, etc, are in your user account, and should be saved as part of your normal backup strategy.

Where can I find them?

On a Mac, they are in :

{user}/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5/

On Windows, I think they are in a similar %USERDATA\Steinberg\Dorico 5\ (??) location.

Thanks for your advice. But I still think this is not an elegant way.

Can you explain the workflow/process when you would want to do this?

I want ta to be an item in the menu, just click on it to export all the set compressed files. You can also import this compressed file if needed.

Does the Export Library function work for you?

With its accompanying Import Library option?

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Does this mean I have to do it for every new project? I want to change all the settings at once without having to do it again.

Dorico is a software with powerful customization features. I think that many custom settings are necessary if there is a simple operation that can be exported and backed up. Library management is a powerful feature, but it’s specific to the project rather than the software itself.

To do this you create your own project template(s) (File>Save as Project Template…) and use that to create your new projects. That way you can have different standard settings for different types of project.

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If I have many different types of projects, then I need to set up various templates. So this is not perfect either. Adding an operation in the menu is the simplest, most direct, and effective solution.

Consider Save as Project Template to be that operation!

thanks for your advice.

As a software engineer and product manager, I would say that in software design, this is a matter of assigning responsibility. The import and export of software global custom settings is the responsibility of the software itself, and should not be assigned to specific projects or templates or other things. Misassignment of responsibilities can create confusion.

It’s conceivable that different styles of music project might need different Engraving, Layout, and Notation Options, or different Instruments; and as said: starting with a project template for each style is as easy as anything. Create a document with the settings you need, and save it as a template.

Bingo. You can then select it as the starting point of every new project that needs those options; and you can have several different templates.

You can also import settings from another document or .doricolib file in the Library Manager.

You don’t need to swap Playback Templates in and out, because you can simply save as many different ones as you need and select the one you want for each project.

That may be, but if you were an Engraver, working for a number of different customers each with their own house styles, you would probably prefer Project Templates. My guess is that Dorico is targeted more towards the needs of Engravers than Software Engineers.


I’m not trying to replace an existing function with a new one. The existing functionality is great. I am hoping to add a feature to increase convenience. And this feature would be useful for everyone.

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