Is it possible to add an Instrument to an existing track?

Hi -

I remove the instrument to use a signal generator and would like to put the instrument back but can’t figure out how the manual does not have info for that - Is the only way to add an instrument to add a new track :question:


On an Instrument Track you can change the VSTi used in the top section of that Track’s Inspector. Clicking on the field that displays the VSTi’s name will open a menu showing you all the installed VSTi’s. Just select a different one from the list.

Hi Raino - thanks for your reply! FINALLY found it! even after your reply I wrote up a lengthy description of how the instrument was greyed out - but I continued to poke around and finally found the rightward bracket with an arrow and HEY there it is! :smiley:

THANKS again RAINO! :sunglasses: