Is it possible to add user defined note heads?


I installed Dorico a little over a week ago, and unfortunately have had a major system crash. The computer is at the shop to be fixed so I am without Dorico, hence my question.

Is it possible to attach a predefined note head to a notehead or note Heads?

I would like to be able to attach either a font glyph, or a png image.

If this is possible could someone please tell me how this is done.

Thank you and seeya.


No, it’s not yet possible, I’m afraid. In common with customising other things like clefs, dynamics, tuplets, etc., this will come when we can prioritise the adding of the necessary user interface to make it possible.

Hey Daniel.

Good onya.

Thank you for your response. I can see that it will happen, but not for a while.

Perfectly okay.

Best wishes as always to the awesome Dorico team, and keep up the great work.