Is it possible to alter ADSR on drum samples in Cubase

Hi all,

i recently purchased cubase 6.5 and have been pulling my hair out trying to fathem out how to alter the Attack, decay, Sustain and release values of individual Drum samples. I have been using Groove Agent One and am unable to find a way to adjust these values within the VST. I have downloaded a free plugin called MIDI-CONTROLLER ADSR and tried inserting this plugin onto my midi track…no such luck! It just kills the signal rather than effecting it. I also tried using the ADSR plugin on an FX channel and still no luck.
If its not possible then I will just rewire reason 5 into cubase and use one of its samplers to carry out the desired process, but i would obviously rather not…

Any help would be highly appreciated as I have been looking 4ward to cubase for weeks and so far my dreams are shattered! :angry:

Hi there mate,

Quite easy to achieve this by doing the following…

In groove agent simply click the pad you are trying to adjust adsr values to.

Next click the Amplifier button in the ‘PAD EDIT’ section.

In there you will see ADSR controls :slight_smile: Have fun!

Hey Paurini,

Thanks for the prompt repy but there isnt an option to adjust the decay or sustain, I am not familiar with ampmod or attack.M…or am I missing soming

in Cubase there is a MIDI plugin - “MidiGate”:

and here are some nice Midi experiments and tipps´n tricks with this plugin - take a look:

Hope this helps?


do you want to alter the midi signals or the audio envelope of each sample?

for audio you can also use the envelope shaper