Is it possible to apply a short delay to the playback of a track?


I’m sorry if it has been asked before but I can’t see any occurrence of this topic.

I have recorded live the piano part in an orchestration. Is it possible to make it play back a little bit late and sync it to the other instruments (especially the strings) without altering my live performance ?

I have tried the time shift setting in the lower zone but it quantizes actually the position off all notes.

If you change the Key Editor to show played durations rather than written ones, you can adjust the playback of the selected notes without affecting the displayed notation.

There is no way to shift a whole track forwards or backwards as a whole, however, there are two very useful FREE plugins from Voxengo that I use on my VST’s if I need to either bring the whole track slightly forward of have it a little delayed. They are called: Latency Delay and Sound Delay. One brings things forward, the other one backwards. You would insert them in the mixer and adjust as necessary. They allow for very fine tuning of track timing.


I didn’t know those ones. Thank you for the tip !

Thank you, Daniel. I was actually looking for something similar to Cubase’s track delay setting which allows to instantly apply a positive or negative delay to the whole track when playing it back.

Yes, we know that’s much needed, and we plan to implement this on a per-switch basis in expression maps in future.


That would be really cool indeed !