Is it possible to assign Flex Phraser rate (tempo scale) to an LFO?

I’d like to assign the arp rate to a S&H LFO and then assign the depth to the mod wheel or Quick Control. I’ve looked thoroughly through the mod destinations and there’s nothing there that is immediately obvious or reroutable.

If it’s not possible to assign the rate by LFO is it possible to set the FlexPhraser variations as mod destinations, either by creative routing or scripting?

I assume you’ve seen the HALion 6 available parameters in the Modulation Matrix? i.e. modulation sources, modifiers and targets: Modulation Matrix Parameters

I’m not seeing anything around the FlexPhraser in there.

Have you already discovered the HALion scripting reference guide as part of the Steinberg website for developers?
I think you’re in deep enough in your quest, that if not now, you’ll need that resource soon! :nerd_face:

It has a couple of sections dedicated to the FlexPhraser: FlexPhraser - HALion Macro Page - Steinberg Developer Help and FlexPhraserStepSeq - HALion Macro Page - Steinberg Developer Help

Yeah I don’t see anything in the mod matrix so I’m hoping there’s a creative way to (re)route things to generate it. I did investigate the CC modifier but no luck.

Thanks for the scripting reference guides, I’ll have a read through them.

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I’ve had a read through and even if I were able to work it out I’m not sure how I’d apply that in the mod matrix :man_shrugging:

Also, it’s really unfortunate we’re not able to edit the subject line here because I have thought of another way to tackle this so I can either mention is below or start a new thread. I’m reluctant to do the latter but then again I want people to see it :thinking: