Is it possible to assign MIDI commands as keyboard commands in Cubase?

As the title says. I’d like to know if it’s possible to assign what I’d usually have done by a button/knob on a MIDI controller to a key on the computer keyboard instead. For example, to switch effects on/off in a plugin such as Amplitube - I can assign this as a MIDI command to one of the buttons/knobs on my MIDI controller, but how to do I assign it to a key on the computer keyboard instead? I use Cubase 11 Elements on a Windows 10 laptop btw. Thanks.


Yes, you can do so. Use the Generic Remote Device from the Studio > Studio Setup, please.

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Hi, so it’s possible to create custom keyboard shortcuts in Cubase 11 Elements?


Yes, it is.

I still can’t figure out how to assign custom key commands to functions in VST instruments, for example to turn an effect pedal on/off in Amplitube 5. I went to Edit > Key Commands in Cubase, but I don’t see any way to set up a key command to assign to VST functions. I can’t do it in the VST either - if I right click on a guitar pedal, for example, it only lets me ‘Assign MIDI’ or ‘Assign Automation’, but not key commands. How is it possible to set up please? Is it all done in the Generic Remote Device, if so how?

The reason I need to set up key commands is because I am using an Airturn bluetooth foot controller, which works best with key commands (although apparently it has some MIDI functions). Their support team say the easiest way to set it up to control functions from Cubase and VSTs on the footswitches is to set up custom key commands in Cubase, then assign those key commands to the footswitches.


This is other use case. Use Generic Remote, if you want to control Cubase (as DAW software). Use Quick Controls, if you want to control plug-in parameters, please.

What about Macros? I think this is a similar thing?


Macros are here to fire sequence of commands. But you cannot set values/parameters.