is it possible to assign VST quick controls?

is it possible to assign VST quick controls to the instrument parameters like with the Track quick controls? If yes how do you do that?

For example I want to assign the first knob to the cutoff.


They don’t add Learn function in the instrument rack (so you can’t easly map vst parameters to the quick controls there)…why???

The only way i see is to right click and go to the remote control editor…the first raw of knobs are the quick controls in the instruments rack…there you can use the learn function to assign vst parameters. This is not to speed up workflow, it is the opposite :frowning:

I"ve never used the quick control function because i just find it a PITA. It’s easier for me to just use my mouse and wingle a controller on screen. A learn mode in the new instrument rack layout would be great.

This is done in the Remote Editor, which you can access by right-click or click an arrow in the GUI (or something similar, I don’t remember exactly). Yesterday I found this menu from where I could choose to open the Remote Editor. Not a complete guide, but hopefully it will point you in the right direction… :wink:

In the rack, load a few instruments, in the top left of each one you’ll see number id’s 1, 2 etc and so on down the rack, press e to open the synth edit window and move it to one side.

Right click on the number and from the pop up menu click on remote editor to call it up. Once you see that, click on a knob you want to assign, it will be highlighted in blue, then in the top right of the remote editor, click on L (for learn) then move the knob on the soft synth you want to control, you see the knob you selected in the remote editor move, if your happy, Give it a short abbreviated name (the fonts on the vsti quick controls are awful so less is more!) then move on and repeat the process on the next ones until your done, remember to click on “apply” in the top right hand of the remote editor before you exit.

The Track Instruments seem to appear at the top of the rack so you can access the quick controls for track instruments there.