Is it possible to attached a non fanned beam to a fanned beam?

I am trying to beam together an 1/8 note and start the fanned beam drawing as of the next bar - where it actually starts, but it appears that I can’t do that, If I try to make that 1/8 a regular note and beam it together - I am loosing the fanned beam drawing altogether.
Any ideas?

Thanks so much to you all.

Cheers - Rami.

Hi Rami.
This is probably a case where you need to fake the notation you want to make. Use different voices for the upbeat eighth and a copy of the first fanned eighth than for the fanned eighths, and make the colliding notes on that first beat coincide exactly. Dorico is very stable in this, so your workaround shouldn’t give you any trouble once it’s done. Make sure the two notes share the same voice column index (properties on global scope) and that the beams look as you wish.


Thanks so much for your brilliant “out of the box” thinking …
so funny :-)))) .


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