Is it possible to automatically turn off Direct Monitoring when playing back?

As said in the title :
Is it possible to automatically turn off Direct Monitoring when playing back ?
Because when I record, I need it to be turned On (to hear my guitar).
And when I play back, I need it to be turned Off (to hear the recorded track).
It’d be fine if this could be done automatically when switching from record to play back.
Thanks for advance.

You may want to experiment with the Preferences settings for Auto Monitoring:

Google found something like that for me on internet.
But as it was in VST section, I thought it was unrelated to my probem.
Actually, setting “Tapemachine Style” seems to do the trick.
Thank you very much !

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I go back and forth between manual and Tapemachine Style myself, depending on what kind of thing I’m doing. For guitar recording mostly Tapemachine Style, for sound design mostly manual :slight_smile:

As far as i can see this is not direct monitoring, its just track monitoring. Not the same thing at all.
But i can see this is what the OP wants.

The only diference between direct and “un-direct” monitoring that you have low lantency even if the buffer sizes are high. But you won’t hear any processing that is in the signal chain of the track being monitored. I quiet often have clients that request some reverb or other stuff in the monitoring path, but if your soundcard does not have any DSP processing on it’s own, you just have the dry signal with direct monitoring. The monitoring behaviour stays the same.