Is it possible to be head over heals in love with a DAW?

Because that’s what I am with Cubase pro 10.

I promise I will stop writing posts about how much I love this thing, but everyday I’m discovering new incredible things that it can do. I’ve become so fast in using it what with all the incredible refinements and shortcuts. So I can lay ideas down fast. The list of all the things I love about it has become so exhaustive. It’s a work of art.

Well done Steinberg. You finally came through for me.

No :smirk:

Oh yes! :wink:

It is a very fine DAW. I like it too. Considering we can use any DAW we want I do prefer Cubase 10 above all the others.

That’s the thing, Logic is incredible and way cheaper too though of course it’s backed and funded by a behemoth, yet Cubase is so much more fun to use. Really versatile. I never paid much bother with groove agent until I recently discovered it is a beast. The arrange track let’s me lay out multiple versions of a song easily and quickly. Track versions / presets / chord track / sampler track, it’s a one stop shop powerhouse. I can’t believe how smoothly it now runs too. Cubase has matured into a beast. It’s a shame it was so unstable before as I know many people left it for logic. But it’s now matured beyond belief.