Is it possible to begin a playing technique partway through a note?

Hello again,

I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to begin a playing technique partway through a note.

A couplke of examples where this would be useful:

  1. Applying vibrato towards the end of a note (common, at least, in guitar playing)
  2. Sliding down at the end of a note


I think you’d have to manually add these in the Event Editor, by selecting the relevant CC etc. and drawing the curve you need.

I don’t think there’s a way to do it just from entering a Playing Technique, though I’ve never done it and I could be wrong.

Hi there - is this one of the editors now missing in Dorico 4?

Use the input caret …

It’s certainly possible to enter playing technique notation halfway through a note.

You could do it manually if you know the CC that your sample uses for vibrato.

Yes, in principle it should work absolutely fine, provided your sample library provides a means of changing the vibrato without re-striking the note. The playing technique can of course be hidden by way of the Hidden property.

I’m getting this to work, now, thank you. Not sure what my previous struggle was. Thanks!

How do you enter a CC change manually? Is this possible in Dorico 4?

As long as the instrument you’re using has been assigned with an expression map, and that expression map uses that CC, you will find you can edit it manually in the key editor or in the bottom panel of play mode… Can you be more specific (if you want to receive a specific help)?