Is it possible to buy Cubase Elements 10 at this point?

Hey everyone I am new to this music production world and wanted to start my journey with Cubase Elements, is that enough for a newcomer? But the problem is in the purchase section of Cubase I see only 11. And minimum OS requirement for that is macOS Mojave but unfortunately my 5,1 Mac Pro although it supports Mojave but doesn’t have a metal capable graphics card, as a result, I am still on High Sierra because past that Apple doesn’t support NVIDIA GPUs at all, and I am out of luck because I have a GTX1060 in there. I tried running Cubase Elements 11 under High Sierra, it ran but it crashes here and there which I believe because it’s running on an OS that Steinberg doesn’t officially support, so my question is, is it possible to buy the Cubase Elements 10 as of now or I do have to purchase the 11 only?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

At this moment, you can buy Cubase Elements 11 only. But with Cubase Elements 11 license, you can run Cubase Elements 10 or any lower Elements edition. No worries.


But this doesn’t really help. Because even with Cubase Elements license, you have an option to download Cubase Pro. So you can download it, but you don’t have a license, so you cannot run it. The only important is, what do you have license for. And with Cubase Elements 11, you have license for any Cubase Elements bellow and including version 11.

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Thank you for your valuable feedback! Appreciate that :blush: but I managed to do the necessary firmware upgrade and add a metal-capable GPU to my Mac Pro and run macOS Mojave now I am using Cubase Elements 11 without any problem flawlessly under the officially supported OS.

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